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07-Jun-2017 03:17

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One company that recognises this issue is Israel/US based imperson.

The founders have been working on AI since 1999, forming a company, AI, that turned into a research facility once it realised the market for chatbots wasn't quite ready.

Each character imperson creates a bot for is a separate content project, Pfeifel said, and there is a team of writers who build a personality profile in a similar way to how it’s built for a movie/tv series.

“Each one has a profile, we document it, know everything about the personality and we build its language in terms of how it phrases itself and what it will and won’t use. We do this with the customer, so for example in developing Doc Brown we worked with the original script writers of Back to the Future,” he explained.

When the company was founded by four co-founders in 1999, it established capabilities in the area of conversational interfaces, where computers could handle naturally flowing conversations with the users.

imperson’s founders also decided to give people a reason to engage with bots, so it aimed itself at the media market, where there were already existing famous characters that had a fanbase who wanted to engage - despite being fictional.While this may seem very novel, it’s worth noting that the format is working at engaging people.It’s seeing quite a lot of success, with nine minute length average conversations and a 20% rate of re-engagement.It managed to secure some interesting projects involving high profile characters, using the bots as promotion for films.

“It was quite unlike 1999, today it’s socially acceptable as we can deliver the right experience.She also likes to say how she prefers "strong and stable" to a "coalition of chaos", and wants you to strengthen her hand.

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